Release Spring’20 Goodies

Once upon a time… we were told that Lightning was coming. Another year and another release is here, and of course is a Lightning super-powered one. Maybe the product teams have sharpened all Lightning related stuff by now and now we can see that the framework has enabled a real speed to market! Here couple Read more about Release Spring’20 Goodies[…]

Carving up an Org this Winter!

What is carving up an Org near you, well it looks a lot like Astro is hitting the pre-release slops on his board unless you’ve banished him! Each release seems to come around quicker and quicker these days, here the UK is still officially on its Summer holidays, but I could not resist the temptation Read more about Carving up an Org this Winter![…]

Three (and a half) things we learned this week

As I was planning what to write about in this week’s blog, it struck me that there were a number of updates floating around the Salesforce world (well, my small part of it) that could be classified as ‘pretty interesting’, but that maybe didn’t warrant a whole post on their own. So instead, let’s throw Read more about Three (and a half) things we learned this week[…]

Spring ‘17 – our new “favourite” release!

Here we are once more at one of our favourite times of the year – release time – as we usher in 2017 with the next release of Salesforce, which is looking to be one of our favourites. This release, we were honoured to deliver not one but two release readiness webinars for Salesforce, and Read more about Spring ‘17 – our new “favourite” release![…]

Spring ’17: Rapid Reaction

For many of us, this period in December is the point at which we start winding down in readiness for the holiday season. But not so for the always-on team at Salesforce – because for them it’s already beginning to look a lot like Spring ’17. The upcoming release’s preview notes dropped onto the web yesterday, Read more about Spring ’17: Rapid Reaction[…]

Summer ’16 – Our Top Ten Features

Before we knew it, Winter has become a distant memory and Spring is edging its way towards the exit. Yes, that’s right – Summer is nearly here! And that means that we’re also preparing for Salesforce’s Summer ’16 release, their 50th major product release! Quite the milestone for a company founded 17 years ago. It’s Read more about Summer ’16 – Our Top Ten Features[…]

Admin Commandment #5: An Awesome Admin should always… be ready for the next release!

And so we continue… What’s the next item on our awesome admin checklist? Salesforce pushes out new releases three times a year, yes that’s correct a new release drops in our laps not once, but three times each year. These upgrades arrive in the form of the Spring, Summer and Winter releases. Now, since the Read more about Admin Commandment #5: An Awesome Admin should always… be ready for the next release![…]

Summer 15 Preview: Mummy, please can I have an Ice cream?

You know it’s the start of summer when you hear that all too familiar sound of your local ice cream van ringing out, or in the case of Salesforce another set of release notes have been previewed providing the first glimpse into what we can expect from the next release. Here we’ll give an overview Read more about Summer 15 Preview: Mummy, please can I have an Ice cream?[…]

Hunting for Process Builder Treasure in Summer ’15

Can you hear that? It sounds very much like the familiar soundtrack of summer: the jingle of an approaching ice cream truck. But as well as the usual sweet treats, when this truck rounds the corner it will bring us a sprinkling of extra-special Summer ’15 surprises in the form of new Salesforce features. Here’s the scoop… Read more about Hunting for Process Builder Treasure in Summer ’15[…]