Trending Snapshot with Einstein Analytics

Welcome to an article about articles ūüôā We had good fun discovering Einstein Analytics recently. One of the use cases that seemed to take longer than expected was to provide a visual dashboard to a content manager about the consumption of knowledge articles. The context for it was to be able to organise the workload Read more about Trending Snapshot with Einstein Analytics[…]

Three (and a half) Knowledge things we learnt this week

1) Enabling Article Management Once upon a time whilst troubleshooting how knowledge articles display in salesforce communities, the support team enabled “Article Management” setting within Content Management. That seemed to sort some of the issues faced but what we soon learnt was that when support enabled this for you, there was something else you should’ve Read more about Three (and a half) Knowledge things we learnt this week[…]

Nicknames: An Open Letter to a Salesforce Product Manager

This post is not only for the Communities Product Manager but to anyone that may be using Salesforce Communities products to date. To give it some context, this refers to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) where as a data controller, a¬†company using the Communities product (and/or any product really),¬†has the responsibility to comply with Read more about Nicknames: An Open Letter to a Salesforce Product Manager[…]

The Future of Communities

Recently I’ve mentioned the opportunity I had to join¬†the Product Roadmap Tour‚Äôs London Event, an initiative where Salesforce brings customers together to discuss the vision and direction of their products. Well this gets better, as I’ve been asked to be part of the Salesforce Communities Customer Advisory Board. Late last week we had a session Read more about The Future of Communities[…]

Spring ’17: Rapid Reaction

For many of us, this period in December is the point at which we start winding down in readiness for¬†the holiday season. But not so for the always-on team at Salesforce – because for them it’s already beginning to look a lot like Spring ’17. The upcoming release’s preview notes dropped onto the web yesterday, Read more about Spring ’17: Rapid Reaction[…]

Winter is coming

Warning ‚Äď blog contains safe harbour features, subject to change without notice! ‚ÄčTime to turn the heat up again with an army of new features in the shape of Winter ‚Äė15 – gather round, let‚Äôs see what is in store. ‚ÄčLet’s start with the Beta stuff: Dupeblocker, sorry I mean ‚ÄúDuplicate Alert and Blocking‚ÄĚ arrives Read more about Winter is coming[…]