June 3, 2014

Who Are We?

About Mike

I’m a Salesforce MVP and an experienced Technical Architect and Consultant. My career in Salesforce and cloud technology now spans two decades, starting out with Oracle NetSuite and with the last decade focused on Salesforce.com and Amazon Web Service technologies.

I’ve always been customer focused and passionate about helping organisations understand and keep up with the changes in technology and the world. Nothing frustrates me more than seeing people paying for systems and getting no value.

Along with Chris and few others, we lead the Salesforce London Admin Group which brings together people from all walks of life, providing a safe environment to have fun, learn and share their experiences.

About Chris

Of all the countless pages on the web, you wind up on this one, wanting to know about me, huh? Alright, well, I’ll try not to disappoint.

I’m a Salesforce MVP, Solution Architect and certification addict (with about a dozen or so now, I think). I’m physically located in the south west of the UK but often found with my head in the clouds in one way or another.

When I’m not busy paying the bills, I co-lead the London Admin User Group and am passionate about giving back to the community that has served me so well every time I need it. Let’s pay it forward, yeah?

About Ines

My first encounter with Salesforce was in 2013, felt in love with the products and ecosystem.

What do I do? I help organisations to evolve digitally at scale. I am on a mission to increase productivity, transparency and collaboration with Agile mindset.

I am very passionate about making a difference, leaving my footprint on the sand of time. You can find me around and about, some examples:

Is thanks to this awesome Salesforce ecosystem I got the pleasure to meet Mike & Chris.

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