Summer, Summer, ONE 2 3! (Release Time)

The Salesforce Summer ’23 Release Notes are here! Here some of the things that have caught my attention:

Perm Sets get Field Access!

Now we’ll be able to set Set Field Level Security on Permission Sets instead of Profiles during field creation or edit making it easier to use permission sets over profiles.

This matters as it further helps to decouple field permissions from profiles, which are always rather fiddly elements to deploy.

Flows get External Data!

Extend your declarative automations with a HTTP Callout GET method, yes! This is aimed to easily and declaratively automate Salesforce processes based on external system data, thus reducing time to build simple integrations.

You’ll need to set few things: Named credential (auth endpoint), an Action element in your flow, a reusable HTTP Callout action, GET method, then you can use the output of of the action. Tada!

** Also note there is an open beta for Post Data to External Systems

Service get GPT!

Enough noise about the subject, it’s essentially a Large Language Model that predicts on past data next likelihood word (in very very very simple terms, thats all it is)

Now access to openapi is added in the product suite? what does this mean? Salesforce offering is adding generation of responses for agents as well to the ability to summarise a case for both follow-up and wrap-up. Those things are useful, gives a starting point based on previous given data, encourage agents own spin to serve/support your customers.

Here is my advice,

> Use these technologies to tap into headspace, innovation & creativity. Things like this, models can’t do.

>> Remember it doesn’t have CONTEXT, your customers your setup your operations your brand…

>>> As it’s based on past and likelihood, we should care to avoid undermine: diversity, innovation & joy.

>>> My other outstanding big question here is: Does it only use internal data to generate the prompted text and the summaries? AND, is this data fed back into ‘the machine’?. The answer to this questions would inform usage and governance, for example inclusion of PII, or where is the IP sitting.

One more but Beta version:

Related Lists get Quick Actions!

This new feature provides multiple use cases, such as the ability to perform a Mass Create Quick Action directly from the Related List or a Mass Update Quick Action to modify the status of multiple cases from the Account Related List.

Up to now in Lightning we lacked the ability to add personalised quick actions to related lists, which negatively impacted the user experience since actions had to be added elsewhere for example: to the highlight panel instead or creative visibility screen flow.

In the upcoming release via an OPEN BETA we will be able to configure these actions both in the Page Layout Editor and Dynamic Related List in App Builder, ps: with support limited to Create/Update Quick Actions.

aaaand one to keep a close eye on:

Core get Analytics Home!

A unified salesforce tab for all Analytics, regardless if you have CRMA licences or not. Although the notes talks to us about improving user experience. I think is a space to keep a close eye on how the lines are being blurred here, and what else is coming up down the line.

aaaand a couple which are not ‘core’ but that particularly caught my attention:

Mc Journeys get Wait Date!

This is for Salesforce Marketing Cloud we have a new option “Wait Until Date/Time” when setting up a pause in customer journeys until a specific date or time. Up to now you could only use wait relative (X days for example). You can configure this feature from the Flow Element Menu, select the “Wait Until Date” or “Wait Until Time” options.

But that’s not it! What are the upcoming features that caught YOUR attention?

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