Dreamin’ season is back!

We wrote before about the community-led conferences, and it feels like this year they are full on.

And I’m talking about this year as if just started, but in fact we are already in Q2!

I love community events, and highly recommend attending them.

Firstly because the content is spot on, not revised by legal or marketing; the content in these events comes from honest hands-on experience.

Second because you get the opportunity to fill your notes of actionable items you can put in place from next day.

Third because it creates a space to connect and re-connect.

If you haven’t yet looked at your closest community-led conference (aka Dreamin’ events), now is the time.

A good place to start is here https://trailblazercommunitygroups.com/ (navigate to Community Conferences). Although I know there are some missing! The team is working on it.

Starting local is best, supporting your peers and also minimising footprint (which deserves its own section/knowledge article).

Tell us which one are you planning to attend?

What are you looking forward the most?

This year for me it will be:

London’s Calling! The closest and just a train away, also a great opportunity to catch up with my friends from the capital city (whilst eating the deliciousness that London has to offer).

YeurDreamin, just a week after the above. You can easily take a direct train (Eurostar) from London to Brussels, how cool is that! And the event venue is very close to the station too.

YeurLeadin, which I help organise and is conveniently a day after YeurDreamin 🙂 This one is for community leaders, we are crafting a day to CO-create and become better at what we do.

Particularly excited about this last one as we are doing things quite differently… (the build up starts now!)

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