New Salesforce Associate Certification in Town

Well, it seems that somehow our content recently has been aligned with the news:

  • Building blocks for Landing a Salesforce Job
  • Salesforce Newbie Fallacy
  • Admin Interview Questions & Preparation

Just a few days ago Salesforce announced a new brand certification: Salesforce Associate

This is an option for beginners that have somewhere between 0 and 6 months of experience with the platform, as Salesforce recognises that there are individuals looking for opportunities to expand their knowledge and establish themselves as Salesforce professionals.

A place to start.

And while some say that this exam is just a new way to silently monetise Trailhead, the existence of this exam may serve a useful purpose in hopefully improving perceptions around the Salesforce Administrator certification being the ‘entry point’ qualification.

I was curious what would it contain, so I went ahead and took it blindly (thankfully I did pass hahaha).

If you are interested in this, the best place to start is here:

Especially the exam guide:

It outlines the 4 sections that the exam content is covering in its questions:

Salesforce Associate Exam Guide Main 4 Sections

All the content you need to answer those questions is bundled up together here for you:

And there is also a quick recap before you take the exam within this module:

Also it’s worth noting that the exam:

  • was only 40 questions and
  • is priced the cheapest at 75 USD

So if you are hesitating, have a play with the above 4 sections in your playground and check the options on:

  • field access (options and types)
  • record access (options and types)
  • standard objects relationships
  • Salesforce’s portfolio of products (360) and main purpose (i.e. integration – Mulesoft)
  • core basic functionality such as list views (and types) and where to find things
  • reports and dashboards

Good luck and let us know how did you find it?

1 thought on “New Salesforce Associate Certification in Town

  • Thanks for covering this new cert. It’s got to be a great way to get more people into the Salesforce eco-system and also offering a more affordable entry point – especially during these financially difficult times.

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