Summer, Summer, Release Time!

The Salesforce Summer ’22 Release Notes are here! Here some of the things that have caught my attention:

Reports get Median!

Now in Salesforce core report functions we have a new addition to the Sum, Min, Max and Avg.

Median is here!

The common misconception we have in general is that average and median are the same thing, in fact they are not. Whilst both are aiming to describe the center of a group of values or data, they work differently:

The Average takes into account all the sizes of the numbers in order to find where the center of the data is.


The Median crosses them off until only the middle value is left

In short: The median is calculated by taking the “middle” value, the value for which half of the observations are larger and half are smaller.

The benefit is a reduced skew of results when the average would include extreme outlying figures. Like a very rare extremely huge sale or cost or call length, for example.

image ref:, Median vs. Average: What’s the Difference?

Related Lists in App Builder get Custom and Filtering!

Sounds like such a little one to highlight, perhaps, but gosh it really had me twitching every time I had to navigate from edit page into the page layout. Very glad to see it here. Little things can make a big difference, and this one brings peace of mind!

Formulas get New Functions!

From finding the week in the year, to truncate, to get capitalised text into only the first letter plus the rest on lower case, seconds elapsed… have a look:

OmniChannel transfer get Flows!

Up to now when on a call if an agent needs to transfer the call you had the ability to transfer to another individual that is online OR to a queue or a skill so that reverts to routing configurations. Now with this release comes the ability to ‘transfer to a flow’ so that you can handle the logic there, for example a GDPR request into the privacy team if someone is there or some other quirky things like any transfer if the customer has an outstanding balance goes to those teams to sort out before any further sales… many options here, who knows!

I’d be just wary about the volume and scalability of the flows put in place for this. We, as Salesforce Trailblazer Community, need to get much better at it.

One more but Beta version:

Customisation gets Custom Address Fields!

You can add this type of field to any object both standard or custom, which enable the users then to either find address by google lookup as it works with for example Mailing Address in Contact object or also the ability to type it.

Woah this one has history and has gone around the houses for a bit.

aaaand a couple which are not ‘core’ but that particularly caught my attention:

CRM Analytics get Customise Local Salesforce Field Metadata!

Leaving aside the name change of Tableau CRM previously known as Einstein Analytics previously known as Wave…

Now on the Salesforce connections you can edit the properties that comes from that instance, such as field type, precision, date format, or default value. From character limit for successful sync but also to reduce some of the transformation of values consuming the data in the type you want to then handle it in your analysis.

Completion Actions get Conditional Logic!

In Pardot (yes, I’m sticking to this name at least for the time being), now you can define logic to determine which prospects gets the completion action, whereas until now it was all or nothing. Which led to some over processing afterwards with other tools of automation so that you could apply that action to a subset of prospects that has gone through it.

Also you will be able to apply both standard completion action and a conditional one on the same asset.

Last BONUS one is about the new Scale/Performance Assistant!

How did I miss this? I just had a run through yesterday of it from a pilot on it. This is a very good step in the direction on monitoring and scaling potential issues with new enhancements you do in the platform.

Apparently this was already there you just needed to enabled it manually, so have a good look at it. You can also run it on a sandbox and do dates comparison, for example how it looks yesterday vs now after I pushed some changes to pre-prod?

But that’s not it! What are the upcoming features that caught YOUR attention?

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