Let’s go FORWARD!

Learning Fundamentals – Age of Distraction

Welcome to the Age of Distraction. There is just so much content and noise out there (most pointing to the same place as an eco-chamber) that blurs our own brewed judgement.

Did you now that 80% of the links on the Web point to only 15% of the webpages?

Linked, by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

Let’s have perspective, let’s be smarter than the noise, let’s embed ethics in what we do.

Earlier this year we had the pleasure of attending and speaking at London’s Calling. They always have very interesting and thought-provoking keynotes. This year’s keynote was Ben Hammersley, the founder and principal of Hammersley Futures, who specialises in analysing how society reacts to technological innovation; including the future of crime and conflict; the changing nature of the workplace and the market; and the new cognitive tools needed to flourish in the coming decades.

Ben is a futurist. In his keynote, he made a powerful analogy about the Andon Cord of Toyota manufacturing system, and the phenomena that the COVID-19 pandemic has brought to us. A pause. A shift of 10 years of progress in 10 days. And a reassessment of everything.

Are we taking this pause as an opportunity to reassess? Don’t just rush back to something that didn’t work for all. GO FORWARD.

Pause. Step away from the noise.

Picture yourself in the future, far from now, double your age?

From there imagine you looked back at this time. Look around you. Ask yourself:

What would you hope to have done more of?

to have invested your perishable time on?

How do you want to craft your better normal? What does that look like?

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