Three (and a half) Chrome things we learnt this week

0.5) The half!

Not a Salesforce related, hence the half!

I always try to keep tabs as minimum, using Chrome personas (or renamed as ‘profiles’ last upgrade) Yet, I find myself moving across multiple tabs and many with the same favicon which doesn’t make it any quicker to find easily the one I’m after. So I found this little thing that has really helped me landing into the right place, I hope it helps you too!

Try it, enable New Tab Hover Cards Feature, that is for Chrome and Microsoft Edge. Once you have done the steps you need to ‘relaunch’ to see the changes, and tada!

Now just by simple hovering over a tab you can see a little preview of whats behind!

1) Accessibility

As the tells us “Accessible software and assistive technology enable users with disabilities to use and interact with the products you build.”

We often take for granted what we have. It’s difficult to see how others see, it requires a conscious effort. This week I learnt of a little tool to emulate vision deficiency. It can come rather handy when designing, especially when custom colours are involved.

Thanks to Matt Byrne who brought light on this! And the extra good news is that you don’t have to do anything, your Chrome DevTools has this feature built-in.

2) Optimise Communities

Oh yes yes, we rebranded… Optimise Experience Cloud with the Chrome extension called: Salesforce Community Page Optimizer!

Available by Salesforce so that you can optimise your community pages so that you can refine your design and improve performance for your members. It has helped us to spot some areas that need attention, gives you a overall and breakdown score of components, page weight, cacheable resources etc with an outline of what do to about it:

3) Get ORGanised!

Our friend and Salesforce MPV Enrico Muro has been busy, not only publishing a new book, but the latest release on ORGanizer for Salesforce just got updated.

Alright, so that’s it folks, some little goblets of joy about ‘Chrome’ this week.

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