Summer Release Shines Brightly

At last something one could have predicted: it’s release notes time.

I admit it, I’ve enjoyed squirrelling away for the motion of reviewing the Summer’21 Release notes, it gave me a hint of a taste of normality.

Here some of the things that have caught my attention:

Recently Viewed Lists gets Actions!

How many times have you created an action for list views and could not get your head around why it wouldn’t display when landing on the object tab? Well, now you can add custom actions to your Recently Viewed lists, so it’s consistent with other list views, they show the actions added to an object’s list view search layout.

Custom Report Types gets Fields!

When adding new fields to an object you had to updated the Custom Report Types for that object to make them available within the reports. Now you can “auto-add”, meaning that custom fields that you add to a Salesforce object are added automatically to all the custom report types based on that object.

Record Access View gets Reasons!

Now within Lightning Experience can access “Sharing Hierarchy” from a record detail. So that you can see who is the record shared with and why.

I particularly like the split columns of “Relationship” and ‘Reason for Access”, giving you a deeper understanding on what exactly is opening up the record.

The Sharing Hierarchy Why page showing rhe user's reasons for record access

Two more but Beta versions:

Reports gets Inline Editing!

Yes you read this right! You can update records on the fly from the report’s run page. No more redirect to detail views. See it, Update it, Save it!

At this point you can update certain types of text, numeric, and checkbox fields.

Permission Sets gets Expiry Date!

This is another interesting one. You can set expiry date when applying a perm set or perm set group to a user.

From delegation of activities whilst someone is away, to set your own pilot groups for users, or to flex IP restrictions…

aaaand a couple which are not ‘core’ that particularly caught my attention:

Salesforce gets Transformed Data from Tableau CRM (Einstein Analytics)

In the analytics extension you can do great data transformation, even like simple aggregates or sentiment analysis or extended data from an external feed. Yet that data lived there.

Now, you can pushed your prepared data to any Salesforce org. Meaning also if you run multi org and some consolidated data across orgs can then be sent to an org. A new kid on the block is here: “Output node” which you can use in the Data Prep with the Salesforce output connector to insert, update, and upsert the augmented data to a Salesforce org.

With this update and clusters I wonder if you could then send that back into salesforce to act maybe as segments for automated campaigns or other automation. *brain ticking*

Pardot List Emails gets Timing Optimisation!

At last, Marketing Cloud had a node within Journey Builder to add Einstein Send Time Optimisation. Now it’s brother from another mother gets it too. It’s based on the prospect activity so that when you send list emails Pardot will push the send when it is most likely to be acted upon for that particular prospect.

Note that at this point looks that is for List Emails only rather than Engagement Studio journeys/drip campaigns.

Last BONUS one is about the new 900 limit on custom fields per object (some only). Be careful as always with adding fields! Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should!

But that’s not it, there are tons of things like the default picklist value for flows, run debug for flows on a rollback mode, show governor limits consumption on flow debug, dashboard download…

What are the upcoming features that caught YOUR attention?

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