London’s Calling ’21 The Great Reassessment

Who would have said that after presenting last year in the keynote room of 800+ seats (mostly empty, yet thankfully blasting online) we would been running a fully virtual #LC21.

Hats off once again to the team at Londons Calling for the conference they have put together. I can only begin to imagine the mammoth job they had at hand.

Spoiler Alert: I thoroughly enjoyed it!


As a speaker it was made extremely easy for me from submission to performance, I was told in advance when and which session was selected, also I had the ability to pick best time and date to record my session.

Having the session recorded gave me the chance to be active in the chat and at hand to answer questions and engage with the attendees on the fly.


They had a lovely space/app for the attendees to join, I could see at any given time the schedule, the running session, spaces to engage with sponsors, other attendees and even with a magician!

To be honest it’s the year that I attended most sessions I think!

The agenda was packed of interesting stuff, the greatest thing of this app and the recorded sessions (which were only made live from the scheduled time/date) is that now I can catch up and even rewatch sessions. All attendees still have access.

Also during the day the organising team were well at hand, hosting sessions, answering questions, engaging in main room, sorting things out, guiding, LondonsCallingTV style clips and more! Kudos!


Thinking just of the last 12 months and the rollocoaster that has affected our world. More than ever we can make a difference, in fact is key we keep going and smarter, keeping in mind that mindset when approaching challenge. The exponential growth we see and experience of options, technology, possibilities, ever change is not going to slow down at all on the contrary.

In summary:

I learnt, I mingle, I felt connected, I felt energised (thank you for prompting us to take time off the screen, stay hydrated etc), and for most of it I felt I left my little cocoon of a world of my flat.

Thank you team and sponsors for making it happen.

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