🔔 Salesforce Notification Builder?

Did you know you can use Salesforce Notification Builder to create custom notifications for teams, task queues, and public groups? Or even to replace standard notifications or disable what’s not needed!

In all honestly Custom Notifications is something I haven’t played much with, I admit I almost missed the feature all together.

You can trigger custom notifications with flows (let’s not mention Process Builder anymore), Apex or REST API.

It’s actually very easy to use, from setting a Type and choosing which channel (i.e. mobile and/or desktop).

Just there you can select if any of the standard ones are to be removed so that you can completely disable or replace with a custom one you created.

You can even chose which devices (interestingly Chatter is listed as one too).

Note that in an org you can execute up to 10,000 notification actions per hour. When you exceed this limit, no more notifications are sent in that hour. Essentially the message is: do not bombard your poor users.

I actually think it’s very useful to reduce the noise we all get ‘attacked by’ nowadays, where over-information and distractions are serious problem. We need to embed ethics as part of the products we deliver and enhance.

Users can also fine-tune the push notifications they get in their mobile app (Menu > your user pic > Settings > Push Notifications):

A simple, short and sweet post this week about this useful feature. Check it out if you haven’t yet!

Oh and if you want more, take a look at this rather interesting post from unofficialsf.com site which we have mentioned previously: Creating a custom notification flow that responds to a platform event

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