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Sometimes a product is so simple that it doesn’t need shiny logos or catchy jingles; understated efficiency has a power all of its own. Salesforce Anywhere is an example of just such a straightforward offering.

The clue is in the name—Salesforce Anywhere—it is literally a way for you to use Salesforce, anywhere. Hold on! We already had that already, right?Let’s explore how.

Stay Up to Speed from Anywhere

Salesforce Anywhere allows access to Salesforce from your mobile device, so you really can stay up to speed from anywhere. (One could argue I already had Salesforce anywhere, it’s even in my pj’s! But that’s a story for another day..!)

In short, this product is about… drums please… NOTIFICATIONS! Well it’s a bit more than that: Alerts, Actions and Chat.

Mindful that users have different needs and contexts when out and about, Salesforce Anywhere was designed so that it can be tailored to a specific individual’s requirements. Simply refine and set alerts to be notified in real-time within the malleable parameters of your choosing. The specificity with which alerts can be configured means that you don’t need to worry about constant and intrusive pinging, or about missing anything important; you are in full control of how in touch you are.

Collaborate in Context

Alerts can be shared with others, who can interact in appropriate ways. Because it’s governed by Salesforce you are in full control of access, providing peace of mind and guarding data properly. 

This means that, when you’re out and about and need a colleague to get involved with something, you no longer need to try to explain via email/text/phone, you can share the alert and everything they need is immediately available.

Salesforce Anywhere is seamlessly integrated with the desktop format, so everything you do whilst mobile is mirrored there and recognisable when you return to your desktop, and all collaborative work can be done across all platforms simultaneously.

You can even continue the conversations you had on the go once you get to your desk.

Take Action in the Moment

What’s the point in knowing what’s going on if you can’t do anything about it? 

To address the fact that your mobile screen is almost certainly smaller than your desktop screen, Salesforce Anywhere has a powerful search function to enable you to access whatever tools you need in order to be able to take effective and meaningful action. 

Suggested actions are powered by AI to enable you to use chat, voice or video to engage and act. Being actionable is certainly a thing in the realm of Salesforce – get things done!


If you have ever found yourself trying to use Salesforce vicariously when you’re away from your desk—and then had to deal with unravelling any misunderstandings on your return—then Salesforce Anywhere makes that a thing of the past. Stay in touch. Stay in control. Stay involved.

Also stay focussed and on flow! Don’t over do it with notifications (quality over quantity).

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