Virtual Dreamin ’20

Who would have said that this conference would have arrived in such a timely manner?!

Back at DF’19 I was profusely congratulating Rakesh, Amit and Jitendra for this idea of a community-led virtual conference. Back in May we had the first VirtualDreamin!

In brief: 3 speaker tracks running over 24 hours, and completely free!

So at any point no matter where in the world you were, no visas, no commute, no accommodation, no hassles… you could tune in to VirtualDreamin.

It started with a beautiful keynote by Leah, which almost blew apart all social feeds with messages of gratefulness.

The developer keynote from Peter and as per any of his talks, being honest, fun and insightful:

Which I nicely followed on with Salesforce DevOps talk by Andrew:

The videos are still being uploaded but I was very pleased to be able to collaborate with content myself:

Then something happened during my talk, to which I was completely oblivious until it finished:

We’ll never know…

Anyway check out the agenda and the YouTube channel, there was great content shared that I can’t possibly cover in one post:

Big bravo again to the team and everyone involved. Also a massive thank you to the sponsors as without them it wouldn’t be possible. For many more adventures to come!

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