London’s Calling ’20 Reimagined

I’m very lucky to globe trot around with Salesforce community-led conferences, aka Dreamin’ events. Here are just a few recent adventures:

… Not only these, but here are a few more rambles around the world that I have got to attend thanks to Salesforce community area groups with my #digitalNomad hat.

It feels rather odd and I feel extremely lucky again to have done all of that. Especially in the current circumstances. And that leads me to my latest conference on the 20th March 2020: London’s Calling.

I’m a big fan of London’s Calling, not only because it is where home is πŸ™‚ but also the content being very good and a great environment to extend the local community and knowledge.

This year London’s Calling has been one of its kind. The organising team had to turn around the expected 700+ attendees in-person event to a virtual one in less than a week. How they did that and survived remains a mystery.

As a speaker (and every year attendee) I wanted to be there to support in every way I could, even if it was just a smiling face to the other speakers who faced, well, rather empty rooms.

Regardless of the number of warmed seats on site, there was a full virtual attendance as I hear with more than 7,000 visitors online throughout the day! Tuning in to the so-named … #LondonsCallingTV

Even sponsors had to reinvent themselves, with a virtual expo map where you could find out about them and their solutions, with even an in-house and virtual Caricature artist sponsored.

#LC20 it was certainly one of a kind, trying to remember to apply social distancing measures. I took this picture in the morning to use it on my live demo later on the day.

For the Social Studio talk it was a relief that the audience really engaged from home, making the live demo possible for my session, as we were using the feeds to engage, respond and analyse. Phew! But also there were really great feedback and Q&As for all other sessions. For those virtually supporting on the day: Thank you!

It was non-stop, the coordination between sessions and entertainment in between I hear it was really good, bringing the team closer to the attendees as much as it were possible.

Check out the superb line up, and watch out soon for all the sessions If you have a ticket, there is no need to wait, you can now access them all already with your login.

It was unique event with brilliant content and a fantastic keynote! (Please do watch it if you haven’t yet had the chance.)

I admit that it was emotional too, and closing the day to hear that London was in lockdown only added to it.

I leave you with this thought: We do not know what we have ahead of us on many fronts, but what we do know is that…

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