Am I Dreamin’? (Japan, I love you!)

Time flies when you are having fun! Right?

I can’t believe it’s already over! Earlier this year I had the pleasure to be at, and in 2020 – a big year for the country!

This community conference started last year, and this one opened up internationally, I was so glad to be asked to go over. (As I may already have mentioned on the blog, I love Japan! And the trailblazers there!)

Check out how the event has grown in the span of a year:


A big thank you to the brains & energy behind this event: Takahito Miyamoto, Keiko Niimi, Kumiko Akimoto, Yuki Yamaguchi, Yuriko Maeda, Shun Kosaka and Shinya Yamada. And all the other volunteer organisers that helped this event come true!

So rather than tell you all about it, I’ll show you. So get ready for another round of Phlog? or Twlog? Here some of my most memorable moments:

We had a really lovely welcome dinner the night before.

What a cast to share the day with!
The organisation was brilliant for the international speakers, as we all had a session with interpreters before hand to run through the content and during our session it was all translated on the fly!
There were attendees from all over, it was specially great to see how much is the community in Korea growing.
Also I had the great pleasure to meet Alex who is from the Philippines and who was there on holidays, then found out about the event and of course attended!
I finally met the ‘robot trailblazer’! One on my list for a while. I did properly meet Keiko (who is the owner) over Dreamforce last year, but this time it was time for her companion who is an Android robot super-powered with Einstein Vision!
Wow that was intense!
At the end of the day there was a quiz and Alex Pisani and I got exactly the same points something like 4130 I vaguely remember, whats the odds?!
It was a hell of a tie which was solved with a good old ‘Rock, Paper, Scissors’.

Really great to meet many of the community there, and hear what do they do, how they got into Salesforce, and what is in the horizon.

Certainly the next Trailblazer is you!

Pst we even had… an after-after-party, loved it!

What a karaoke session, some really amazing voices, I only came back to reality every end of the song because the bright lights come up, haha.

I also took the opportunity of my #TrailblazerCommunity adventures… as ‘I was already there’ to disconnect from work for almost a month and discover another section of this wonderful country: Hokkaido.

(I highly recommend taking a long time off, for soooo many reasons!)

I’ll leave you with couple of snapshots from it, just for jealousy purposes:

I’ll reiterate for closing remarks, thank you! I’m incredibly lucky to be part of this ecosystem.

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