Release Spring’20 Goodies

Once upon a time… we were told that Lightning was coming.

Another year and another release is here, and of course is a Lightning super-powered one.

Maybe the product teams have sharpened all Lightning related stuff by now and now we can see that the framework has enabled a real speed to market!

Here couple goodies from Release Spring 20 worth noting:

1) ‘URL hacks’ are now not hacks and are supported!

The olden days URL hacks were never supported but magically worked, now from the release onwards you can set either a button or a link to navigate the users to a new record with predefined values. That includes lookups IDs and record types.


2) Queue Assignment for Tasks!

Back on my early Salesforce days 👵one of the things that I never seemed to glue with me was that you couldn’t add tasks to a queue. Well that is now here!


3) Clone Objects with Their Related Records.

Now you can clone not only the parent record but the related items, like a renewal opportunity with products and contact roles.


BONUS: CMS Content with Flexible Layouts, which we already covered in last post here: The Yōkai of Past, Present & Future

And there is so much more, if you haven’t yet go a tackle the trailhead module on Spring 20 release.

In the worrying event that you haven’t yet moved/prep for Lightning… don’t get stuck in the past! Here is why:

1. All new innovations – features and product enhancements – are developed for Lightning Experience only.

2. Lightning Experience is not just a modern UI, but it’s underlaying tech.
Using this technology, you can seamlessly customise and easily deploy new apps to any devices running Salesforce.

3. Avoid extending your technical debt. If your software or applications no longer work the way users expect, old code stops you from implementing new solutions, or it’s difficult to implement new features or move to new versions, you probably have technical debt. More here!

4. The future of the Salesforce user experience and platform is Salesforce Lightning.

5. Lightning Platform is much more than a user interface. Makes it easier to build responsive applications for any device, includes out-of-the-box set of components, event-driven architecture, and a framework optimized for performance.

6. Don’t get stuck in the past.

7. If that’s not enough, just at the end of last month Forrester published the results of an economic impact study showing a 475% on return of investment for over 3 years on transitioning to lightning service cloud! (Thats a big statement check out the press release on this.)

Check this post out for what we were already showing in Dreamforce 2017: Make the Jump to Lightning …And Get It Right First Time!

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