Three (and a half) Knowledge things we learnt this week

1) Enabling Article Management

Once upon a time whilst troubleshooting how knowledge articles display in salesforce communities, the support team enabled “Article Management” setting within Content Management.

Community Workspace

That seemed to sort some of the issues faced but what we soon learnt was that when support enabled this for you, there was something else you should’ve done too. Up to that point any article you’d publish, within a category in the channel for that community, you’d be finding it within the navigation topics.

BUT after the change you also have to create an “Automatic Topic Assignment”, which is a feature to assign topics automatically to an article when is published within a data category.

Community Content Management

Why you need to still map navigation topics and data categories is a mystery:

Community Mystery

1.5) (the half) Lightning Knowledge is ‘__kav’

What a title, has she finally gone bananas!?

Maybe yes, here I want to highlight that once you migrate knowledge to ‘Lightning Knowledge’ one of the things to bear in mind is that the object reference will append ‘__kav’ to it. So, if you have any integrations you will have to update the queries.

2) Article Channel when ‘__kav’

The other thing we noticed is that with migration the ‘Channel’ options where you can publish to; knowledge base, customer community, partner community, or only internal, are then appearing in the page layout.

Which is all well and good but that means they will show in your community, but don’t you worry as there is a standard approach for this: What you need to have 2 layouts, one for internal user profiles and another for your customers, the latter without the channel fields in the layout.

3) Data Categories Reporting

Finally with Summer ’19 you can extend the custom report types on Knowledge objects in reports.

The most exciting one is the ability to add data categories in reports! Something you just couldn’t do before.

Community Channel Component


Alright, so that’s it folks, some little goblets of knowledge about ‘Knowledge’ this week.

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