Dreamforce ’19 Digest: My Highlights

And back to the UK, it’s cold here!

In brief, I admit I had a blast at Dreamforce this year!

It was great to:

1) Showcase HIVE and the teams that I’m doing quite a bit of work with, at the developer keynote.

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 14.02.58

Which had a whole chapter as part of the technology announcements for the year, which I was working with to get it ready with the product and evangelist teams before the event.

One of which was Alba Rivas from the dreamOle team that has recently moved on to the Salesforce Evangelist team, it was so nice when I got a whatsapp from her early on in the prep for the keynote 🙂

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 16.21.55

Although it really is great to see oneself on the big screen like this I wanted to showcase the team, so I managed to sneak in a little sign.

I wonder if Wade thought for a second… oh dear another protester! 


2) Laura Walker (who I also work with) opened the Admin keynote, high five-ing Parker Harris on to the stage!

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 14.05.11

And Michael Kolodner, who by the way I had the pleasure to discover is such a gamer! We may be on to something about board games at Dreamforce…


3) Recording the day before Dreamforce a Pluralsight course with Don Robins, Agile for Salesforce coming up in couple months for the #SFPlayByPlay series.


4) Having my crazy cards selling out at the DreamStore.


5) Also sharing some content about Release Readiness, Appexchange and digital nomads, Building applications in the Salesforce platform workshop and a Lightning roundtable.

… enough bragging. But seriously it was awesome!

Now, I thought to ping some product highlights and share knowledge on what’s coming:

Firstly, it was a breath of fresh air during the main keynote to openly acknowledge that one uses more things than just Salesforce. (That statement includes AWS Trailhead modules available now and Amazon Connect as a strategic partnership).


Salesforce Economy update is that it keeps growing and growing, so let’s bring people in! So we all can be ready to fill those opportunities with willing, capable and prepared professionals.

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 14.01.43

The little device running Einstein Voice (I think this is Amazon under-the-hood and with connection to Service Cloud, you can build skills to power apps too) made it to the big stage as the announcement of the year, even managed to have a section in every single keynote.


Tableau was part of the main keynote, but in my opinion with a very poor showcase and demo. Throughout the conference I had many confused conversations on where does this sit, including from Salesforce Employees. So impatiently watching the space to find out more.

More and more on Customer 360 Truth > Which connects data from across sales, service, marketing, commerce etc. to create a single, universal Salesforce ID for each customer.

Revamp of the Salesforce mobile app, and one of which in my mind must be related to the ‘Trailhead Go‘ a separate app to do modules on the go… ahem this is for questions tick-box not actually doing hands-on exercises. But it’s a starter!

There was the announcement that Marketing Cloud will run on Microsoft Azure, so hopefully this will enable other things like: as customer you could find your own logs, be less clunky and have sandboxes? Those are my hopes but not quick ones to deliver.
From Marketing Cloud side of things there was another good product release in my mind: the embedded forms within emails I think is pretty cool (maybe an outcome from previous acquisition, I think).

Watch the dev keynote! but few quick notes: announcement of Evergreen (serverless functions and elastic compute), Lightning Full sandboxes within minutes!, Data policies and Masking across environments, local development (beta), Open sourcing Lightning base Components… BOOM!

Permission set groups another layer for separation of concerns, I think we may need to do some migration from profiles to at least permission set at some point soon.

(Conspiracy theory disclaimer: that page layouts will go away) With the announcement of Dynamic Forms for record pages, you can go as granular level of 1 field, that is not only display area but dynamic visibility on user and other value within the record.

But is not all ‘happy clappy’, the True to the Core session was good too. It felt to me a bit too short as a big part was to explain the announcement of the IdeaExchange, which is basically a revamp where not all points count the same, so when voting for new features you would do it as ‘a product manager’ with 100 coins to distribute on and how things are important to you. Check it out it’s live already: https://ideas.salesforce.com/s/prioritization

There was a really honest session on ‘open conversation of DX’ I leave here a snapshot on what the product team is aware they need to sort out:



On top of all of this, I had some incredible conversations with people, some deep and even some non-Salesforce related (!), certainly quality over quantity. Which with Dreamforce madness this can easily be a challenge. So a big thank you for being part of this Dreamforce to remember!

I certainly missed my peeps Chris & Mike throughout, I kept sending them silly stuff… sigh!

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