Reimagining the IdeaExchange in Prague!

I must have already mentioned how happy I am to be a #DigitalNomad! Not only about the work that I do but to have the wonderful opportunity to travel around and discover the world ( one bite at a time 🙂 )

Just couple weeks ago I was in the lovely Prague for first time and for the inauguration of CzechDreamin! In brief: it was a brilliant launch!

It’s really great to see the Trailblazer Community reaching everywhere, every corner, giving the opportunity to people to join, no matter where they are. This has an impact on sustainability and fair share of the economy too!

(and well other great things happened too…)


One of my favourite sessions (apart from the ‘demo gods‘ behaving well during mine!) was the one with Jennifer Sacks and Scott Allan about reimagining the IdeaExchange.

It was a bonus having double content, as Jennifer delivered the main keynote, which was brilliant: honest, funny and very good food for thought.


Last year Chris took us through the True To The Core session in DF (check it out here), now 10 months later we are looking at the below flow.

Which includes bringing prioritisation into the mix, and we all can agree that out of all the ideas one votes for today in the IdeaExchange don’t all have equal ‘weighting’ or sense of importance/urgency ratio.


What I really liked about this session is (aside from the content) that it was hands on! Scott and Jennifer set us into groups to discuss the below items and feedback to the rest.

Pst: That is one of the tricks on my toolkit to enable: everybody a chance to have a say, build up collective ideas and replay shared thoughts for a wider group wisdom. You may want to give it a try!


Are you interested to help out on being part to reimagine the IdeaExchange? If so, join us:

The next prioritisation round will be happening 9-22 Sept 2019!


The foodie bit:

Go to Lokál Dlouhááá if you want proper traditional Czech cuisine, but remember you need to add sides otherwise you end up like me having a bear schnitzel on your plate, which by the way was delicious so I had to order another one!

Kristyna recommended 2 great traditional dishes: Svickova  and Spanelsky ptacek, give them a try. I had a helping hand so I could try them both 🙂

Great beers (Pivo je moje palivo!) and if you are meat eater is certainly a paradise for your palette.


One last thank you (again): to all who contributed to a wonderful time in Prague.

For many more #TrailblazerCommunity adventures to come!


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