Three (and a half) Social Studio things we learnt this week

Time for another round of the “Three (and a half) things we learnt this week”! This time it’s all about Social Studio recent findings:


1) Hidden Posts

Social Studio Hide PostYou can hide a Facebook or Twitter post in Social Studio on the sections of Engage or Analyze.

I often find that it’s a way for users to remove it from their view, when actually there are filters there for that.

Using the ‘hide post’ option instead unfortunately has its implications, for example the ‘Show Hidden Posts’ filter won’t be applied nor does it have any effect towards the Post Label card in both Analyze Dashboards and Workbenches.

Social Studio Show Hidden Posts


And this is a Known Issue which has recently, unfortunately, been marked as ‘No Fix’.

So the best thing at this point of time, in my mind, is to refrain yourself from using the ‘Hide Posts’ option and use filters instead.


2) Posts with No Status

In Social Studio you may have few people working on Engage, which is the part of the application to respond when people mention your brand or to jump into relevant industry conversations.

Social Studio Filter No AssigmentAnd at times these few people are working at the same time, so within your workspace as a user you want to filter out when someone else from the team is already working in a conversation.

The trouble is that if you filter out by posts that have no assignment… Nothing will come up.

This is because when posts are created they have no ‘Status’. So if you amend the ‘Status’ filter not to show completed posts, then it won’t show new posts either as there is no option to show posts that have no status.

Keep Calm and Carry On

So this is what you do… use the separate app called Social Studio Automate to update the status to ‘New’, then you can use that on for your filter column. Tada! And no more stepping on each other toes.

Social Studio Automate


3) Analysing Assignments

One of the very cool things of Social Studio is all the section of Analyze, you have very rich dashboards created with just couple clicks. You can use reports to schedule and send either csv or pdf, and then you can use Workbench to dig deeper.

With this one last exercise you may think that your users are not assigning all the posts to them:

Social Studio Assigments

But actually if you look into the raw data you will figure out that are the your own replies coming as No Assignment. So you can either filter out only on inbound type and/or of course use Social Studio Automate.


3.5) Vote

The half. Of the things we have learned, this time there’s an excuse for us to ask you for some votes to a much needed product improvement…

One could argue that today the connector to Salesforce is not great, the reason in short is because:

  • it adds tonnes of inaccurate records you don’t need and you probably already have and better
  • creates ‘orphan contacts’: Which are Contacts without accounts —private contacts—are like a forgotten boat adrift at sea. They’re hidden from all users except their owner and system administrators, which makes them easy to forget, hard to find, and useless to colleagues. (quoting Trailhead here)

If this sounds like worth improving, show us some love and give it a vote!

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