My #dreamOle19 Highlights

I can’t believe one more year of dreamOle has passed, our 3rd edition, and once again it took a whole 9 months for us organisers to ‘bring it to life’. We can certainly call it our baby.

For the ones that don’t yet know, dreamOle is a community-led conference, we run it in the Iberian Peninsula and aim to move city each year, so far; Madrid, Barcelona and this year, Malaga. I personally would like to continue moving the city, year on year, helping to expand this awesome ecosystem across the territory. Not only that but supporting sustainability, growth, fair share of economy and opportunities.

Check out the community-led conferences already published for 2019. I really like these events because they:

  • are very honest conferences
  • get you tangible and actionable content
  • have plenty of ideas and ‘how to’, to get your hands dirty once at work
  • are smaller in size so you can properly mingle and meet people
  • have a relaxed and fun atmosphere as well being welcoming

(Unless, like me, you’re an organiser … I would love to mingle more!)

Well worth it! Especially for the stories that emerge from it, which by the way, if you attended dreamOle: we are looking for success stories! We’re keen to hear the extent that dreamOle has impacted you, and not just the conference, but the past, present and future change. Were you inspired to try new things? Met your next career move? Found love?! (for salesforce … obviously) then tell us all about it!

From the start we setup dreamOle as a nonprofit, we wanted to make clear why we do this …. for the SF love!. And in my mind we have a great opportunity to bridge the gap between the huge unemployment rate and the job prediction from the Salesforce Economy, with the very capable professionals and upcoming workforce that we have in the peninsula.

It was great to meet finally in person so many people and seeing again so many more, here I leave you with some of my best moments captured!


I cannot thank enough everyone that made this possible, but especially let’s include a very special thanks to our sponsors, not only as enabler for it to happen but to bring so much enthusiasm, energy and creativity to the table.

Now you may be wondering… what about the foodie part? Well… Malaga is a great place too! I leave you with one tip: they have the concept of espetos, it refers to 6 fresh sardines (although you can also use other kinds of fish and meat), skewered and cooked over a pit of coals. The only seasoning is a bit of olive oil and sea salt. The result? Delicious! To be eaten with your fingers, and enjoyed as close to the beach as possible.

Stay tuned, more Trailblazer Community adventures coming up soon!

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