Spring ’19 Release Preview: Lightning Flow Builder and More!

It’s that time again, folks! Or at least it is if you’re lucky enough to have an old pre-release org kicking around. If so, log in and you should be greeted by a cycling scientist to herald the arrival of the Spring ’19 release preview!

In this post, we’re going to share one big thing and a few smaller things that caught our attention the first time we logged in to our Spring ’19 org. There will be much, much more to find over the coming days and weeks, and some stuff will only rear its head when the release notes are sent out into the wild, so this is just a quick reaction kinda post to highlight a few of the more interesting things we’ve spotted at first glance.

And we’ll start with that one big thing – something we have been telling you about for a little while now, and we’re glad to see it’s finally made it into a release: the brand new Lightning Flow Builder!

When you first launch the new tool, you’ll see this splash page. You’ll notice that Salesforce are pitching the Lightning Flow Builder as faster, simpler and more powerful.


But that’s not all. It’s a million percentage sexier too. Let’s take a look at its Flash-free majesty… Starting with a quick peek at those flow elements and click-and-drag tools you’ll know so well from before:

The new Flow Builder also comes with an incredibly useful debug tool. Whether you want to check you’re on the right track when building a new flow, or trying to debug an existing flow that’s going wrong, here’s a quick look at how this debug feature allows you to plug in some dummy variables (if required) and see what’s going on at every step in the flow:

And it’s not just the very welcome arrival of the Lightning Flow Builder that has got us excited. What about these nice little extras we’ve seen so far?

  • List views can now be pinned by users, meaning that each user can set the default list view they want to land on when they open an object tab.
  • It’s now possible to change the template of an existing Lightning page.
  • You can add your own custom content to the org’s Help menu, for example to provide company-specific assistance to help new users.
  • From Setup, you can now access Mulesoft’s Dataloader.io app along with the existing standard Data Export tool. It’s good to have choices!

That’s it for now. When we spot, or hear about, other cool features I’m sure we’ll be back with an update for you. In the meantime, what are you most excited about in Spring ’19? Or – if you haven’t managed to get into a preview org – what do you really hope is there?

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