Happy Thanksgiving from Salesforce Weekly

In a previous post, we joked that we didn’t have any American readers. In fact – probably unsurprisingly given the subject matter we write about – the US is far and away our biggest source of subscribers and page views. So what better way to thank our US readers (both of them) than by sending out this post on Thanksgiving – one of the two days this week when they’re guaranteed not to be working or checking their emails? We are blogging and marketing pros, I tell you. Absolute pros.

That’s right, it’s Thanksgiving today. And although we Europeans are not all that into pardoning turkeys ourselves, it felt right to use today’s blog to at least give a little thanks of our own. So as well as thanking all of our readers for continuing to lend us your eyeballs and your brain cells, the three of us also want to give thanks for the following…


Today I am grateful for Thanksgiving itself. Why? Because I spend the majority of my working year being ribbed by my US colleagues about being on yet another European public holiday while they continue to work themselves to the bone in return for their two and a half hours of paid leave each year, or whatever it is they get. But Thanksgiving gives me the opportunity to redress that imbalance just a little. For today (and tomorrow) is a day when I can get my head down and do some work. No calls with customers, no disruptions from well-meaning colleagues. Just some actual work.

I’m also extremely thankful that I get to ‘work’ alongside Ines and Mike, two total legends who somehow are happy to put up with my sarcasm, cynicism, and general sense of nihilism, and allow me to express all of those bad traits in my increasingly-grumpy blog posts. It’s great to write for all you guys and girls out there, but it’s even better to do so with their support and acceptance.


Recent events made me realise that we all should remind each other (and ourselves) to have more Fair Thoughts, Fair Words & Fair Feelings. I’m thankful for my friends sticking with me whatever the weather, particularly my better half who supports me beyond anything I thought imaginable, especially in all the crazy initiatives and adventures I get into, as I wouldn’t be able to contribute to so many things otherwise.

And, by the way, it’s thanks to doing most of those things that I get to travel so much and eat deliciousness, and that I’m sooooo thankful for!


The last year has made me realise that the most important Ohana is the one right in front of you; the ones you see daily, even when they drive you insanely crazy. I’m thankful that their unconditional love never stops and sometimes never sleeps. I’m especially grateful that my wonderful wife Asha has always remained true to herself and is without a doubt the kindest person I have ever met! Thankfully I married her! And on that note, I would like to extend my warmest wishes to the entire Salesforce Ohana, friends and family wherever you are. Happy Thanksgiving!

Alright readers, that’s it for the thank yous and the soppiness. We’ll leave you to enjoy your turkey (or your vegan alternative, you bloody hippies), your downtime, and your family. Your regularly-scheduled Salesforce blog will return next week. Until then, make the most of life, cherish each other, and… cheers, yeah?

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