A Call to Action – For You & Your Peers!

Here at the BBC of the Salesforce blogosphere (BBC = British, British, Catalan) we try not to reuse and rephrase content from elsewhere, and when we do refer to something from out there in the real world, we certainly aim to give it our own unique spin.

This post is no different, but the thing is that I am quite worried, because it has come to our attention that despite the efforts from Salesforce to reach to all certified professionals in many ways, either yourself or perhaps one of your certified friends could be about to lose their Salesforce credentials.

This could affect over tens of thousands of people! So listen up!


Ok, now that I got your attention lets give some context.


I’d like to think you did already hear about the maintenance exams moving to Trailhead, which is pretty awesome in itself as they are now free. To support that, Salesforce made two big changes to the certification program:

1. Webassessor Account and Trailhead Account have to be linked. 

It really is the only way for Salesforce to know that you have completed the maintenance requirements, and we know that some of you may have more than one Trailhead account and multiple email addresses within Webassessor. So this step needs to be properly done, or you will lose your certs.

2. Credential maintenance is on the SAME release.

When the maintenance exams were hosted in Webassessor you had more time, it was up to 2 releases behind. For those of you with a high sense of urgency, this change may not be much of a problem, but for everyone else: crack on now with it or you will lose your certs!

The consequences of not doing the above (and doing it carefully):

If you don’t complete BOTH of these actions by December 14, 2018 you will LOSE YOUR CREDENTIALS.


So, here is your call to action:

  • First thing is go to http://sfdc.co/mystatus
  • There enter your Webassessor email where it says Credential Holders and click Request
  • Check out your inbox for the status email

If the emails shows that you have any certifications left behind then:

  • Go to Webassessor if you need to complete Spring ’18.
  • Go to Trailhead for any maintenance required after that.
  • Does your credential status show you are behind? If so, complete the necessary

If the ‘linking status’ listed on your email doesn’t show as “Linked” then, PANIC! No, no need for that quite yet, but just follow the steps on that very same email to get your accounts linked together.

We’ll leave you with two things before we send you on your way…

Firstly, some FAQs which has ‘how to’ info and tips and tricks. Things like what to do if you are linked to the wrong Trailhead account (something that is quite probable if you or your peers are working in a consultancy company or have many different accounts).

Secondly, we’ll sign off with the most creative the piece of content I could find on this subject, as proof of the efforts from the Trailhead team to spread the word in all the ways they can think of.

Thanks for helping to get the word out!

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