Getting started with Salesforce DX & CLI

Did you think we were done with the CLI? Well, there is plenty more to come and learn.

This time we start combining what we have been learning in the command line (CLI) with VScode and Scratch Orgs

Here is the summary of what you will learn:

  • Quick Recap on the series to date
  • Key prerequisites for working with Scratch Orgs and Orgs using VSCode
  • Learn some nifty shortcuts in VSCode – cmd-p, ctrl-tilde, code ., code folder
  • Learn how to create Projects for use with Scratch Orgs (DX)
  • Learn how to create Projects for non-scratch Orgs (**new with Winter 19**)
  • Learn how to set the defaulusername and defaultdevhubusername via CLI
  • Learn how to create Scratch Orgs including enabling features like PersonAccounts
  • Learn how to pull (retrieve) and push (deploy) metadata to Orgs via VSCode



Thank you for watching

*Apologies for the sound quality in the video and as always please feel free to reach out with questions or simply to tell us about your experiences with DX and CLI.

**Winter 19 – Dev Hub & Scatch Orgs are now available in Developer Orgs

Additional Resources on Salesforce DX:

YouTube Playlist

Getting Started with DX on Trailhead



1 thought on “Getting started with Salesforce DX & CLI

  • Awesome! Thank you so much, I was worried that was the end of the series, just as it was started to get to the nitty gritty. These videos have resally helped me getting to grips with DX for implementation at our organisation!

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