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Let’s start this one off with a massive congratulations to Ines on her wedding and wish her well as she heads off on honeymoon for the next month leaving blogging duties in our capable hands. [Sure you don’t mean ‘culpable’? – Ed.]

Let’s continue…

This week I’ve been continuing my journey back into the low-code world and leveraging the wonderful Guided Action standard component – if you don’t know this one, it looks like this


Kinda cool? ..Well we think so! How do you appreciate the full experience of what this component can do for you? Well, do it for yourself!

As they say “a picture can tell a thousand words”, but how many is a video worth?!


Before you tune in – this is what you will learn:

  • How to implement Flow Stages
  • How to associate Flows with Records using Process Builder
  • How to automatically show Flows in the Guided Action List
  • How to optimize your Lightning Pages for Guided Action List usage

Time to sit back and enjoy this walkthrough:

Additional resources:

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