Time for Winter Wonders

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With this being the temperature outside in London, and the lack of precipitation, it is difficult to think about winter. Yet the Salesforce Winter ’19 production release is just around the corner!

I was preparing my take on what Chris kicked off earlier this year – the “Salesforce Weekly Bright Ideas” series – when then I realised that actually the idea I was going to write about is coming in with the next release… how cool is that?!

Essentially for the past month I got bombarded by comment notifications on this entry from the IdeaExchange:

Ability to share list view with group in lightning.

As it came back onto my radar and seemed to have quite a bit of activity (and made perfect sense) I wanted to talk about it and promote it.

Right now, within Classic there is the option to make a list view visible to all users, a group of users or only the specific user. This idea is to enable the same visibility control within Lightning Experience, as we all know a loooong drop down to choose from is never good practice (either on list views or on pick-list values).

Especially if you operate with communities, the current behaviour means all users can see all list views even they do not have access to the records, within is not great UX-wise.

Well, very recently the status of the idea got updated to Coming in the next release, which is great news! This means that it is in development and should hit our orgs in the upcoming release.

We did not want to miss the opportunity to shout out the power of the IdeaExchange!

I do love it when simple things makes such an impact. What is your winter wonder coming up in the next release?

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