Trailblazing in Hyderabad

Time indeed flies when you are having fun!

I can’t believe it has been already over a month since my ‘weekend break‘ to India. Yes, literally, I flew over to India (9.5h flight) for 3 days 🙂

As mentioned in the previous post I was honoured to be invited as prominent speaker to Hyderabad Trailblazin  the newest to the Salesforce Community-led events, just like dreamOle!

It was impressive to learn they managed to put together the event in only 2 months hosting 600 people!

A big thank you to the brains & energy behind this event: Abhinay Thallada, Gaurav JainNirvik MitterRaj MarripalliRoshan KotlaR SreenivasSalma Khathun & Sunil Taruvu. And all the other volunteer organisers that helped this event come true:

Before speaking, actually, showing you some snaps, about the event itself I must say that I was incredibly blessed to being so well looked after by so many people, but dropping here a special mention to Vineeth, whom I have the pleasure working with. Vineeth arranged for his brother Vish and his friend Kanchan to meet me. Within the 3 days we did so many things, from visiting Golkonda Fort to Shilparamam, taking a speed boat at Hussain Saar Lake, and lets not forget the yummy things we tried from dosa, briyani and soo many more, specially my favourite pani puri!

And what can I say? I have only but examples of catching up with wonderful individuals from there and all over the world.

So rather than write about it, I’ll show you a tiny bit of my experience, starting with the opening of the event: Zumba dance (why not?!)

That is just a snippet! Check out more about the event here.

Thanks to the Trailblazer Community, this year alone so far I’ve been in Granada, Barcelona & Hyderabad. Who knows whats next 🙂

And for the ones thinking that Salesforce is all I am… here’s another certification achieved this year! 🎓 🐙

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