Getting started with the Salesforce CLI – Part 2

Ready to continue our journey into the world of Salesforce CLI? If you can write Salesforce formulas and build complex flows you can handle this …but most importantly you can use this to manage your orgs way more efficiently and quickly once you leave the UI behind.

Missed Part 1 of this series? Well here it is! Getting Started with the Salesforce Command Line

Last time we covered the following Salesforce CLI commands:

  • force:commands
  • force:auth
  • force:org
  • force:alias

Remember if you get stuck it’s ok to nudge yourself with a -h like this:

sfdx force:org -h

That’s the basics covered, so next we move onto what we can do with the force:data command.

Everyone can admit to using at least one of these for quick and dirty data manipulation tasks:

  • The infamous Salesforce Data Loader
  • Workbench

And what most people experience is a love-hate with these tools. Well, guess what, the Salesforce CLI can show you the light and make those data tasks a doddle.

So sit back and enjoy Part 2 of the series:


Next time we are going to dive into the force:apex command and explore these capabilities in more detail:

  • force:apex:execute – execute anonymous Apex code
  • force:apex:log:get – fetch a debug log
  • force:apex:log:list – list debug logs
  • force:apex:log:tail – start debug logging and display logs
  • force:apex:test:report – display test results

Until next time, we hope you enjoy Part 2!



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