Bright Ideas: July 2018

Earlier this year, Chris kicked off an idea about ideas – in the form of our “Salesforce Weekly Bright Ideas” series. So here is my take on an extremely VOTE-WORTHY idea floating round the Idea Exchange…

Hey, what’s the big idea?
Well it’s one for which I keep getting email notifications whenever new comments appear – which is pretty often: Opportunity Partners and Competitors in Lightning.

Why should I care?
As you know we are big advocates of making the move into Lightning, as is no longer just the future of Salesforce – it’s the present – and we don’t want any of you getting stuck in the past.

Now, this idea is asking to make visible a couple of related lists which you can see and use in Classic, but for some bizarre reason are not in Lightning: Account Partners & Opportunity Partners. With them, you allow your users to view and add partner relationships to accounts as well to the opportunities they may be working on.

Any workarounds in the meantime?
Well, you could potentially recreate the functionality with a junction object and add some fields – lookups and a roles dropdown. Then migrate your data.

Or this free component in the AppExchange: Partners Related List for Lightning Experience which pulls configuration from standard metadata, meaning no need for configuration or custom objects.

But why do any of that? I’m sharing here with you all the idea as I am struggling to understand why it is not (like all other related lists) available in Lightning. 

What’s the status of the idea? And why should I vote?
Recently the status got updated to Product Team Review, which is a good thing, although we may need now to wait between 2 and 4 months to see an update on the idea.

Click here, right now, and VOTE LIKE YOUR ORG DEPENDS ON IT!

As you can see in the comments, this is considered a bit of a blocker for some Salesforce orgs’ migrations, which is certainly a shame as we don’t want them to miss out of the good stuff from LEX.

And who’s the brains behind this bright idea?
This was posted by Maarten van Heeren over 2 years ago, showing himself to be an attempted early adopter of this feature in the Lightning Experience. Go Maarten!

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