Salesforcey Events – Get Involved (and Speak)!

Following on from one of my favourite themes – Salesforce-y events – but on a slight contrary tangent from last week’s post

When I came back from Barcelona off the back of dreamOle I was asked for my ‘why’ and about the benefits of getting involved in stuff like this. As yes it does take some time, love, effort and attention.

My most recent adventure was two Thursdays ago where I contributed to some sessions at London’s World Tour event: most of them having a quite casual setting and style at the ‘Community Campfire‘, a panel on Trailhead for Students and one at the Adoption Theatre about Lightning Migration for Enterprise.

Believe it or not, I was quite reluctant to speak at events like this. I thought I could handle 15 people (which seemed to me more like kind of a large meeting than an ‘event’) but I can get quite nervous when faced with bigger audiences. Yet pushing myself to overcome that fear has been one of best decisions so far (Thanks Chris for the advice, help and encouragement) – and here’s why:

  • Fear of the unknown is stupid (especially as an Agile Coach)
  • Gives you exposure no other channel would
  • Showcasing your work is career-enhancing
  • Clarity of thought as whilst one explains something it helps to form understanding
  • Free tickets you get as a speaker at events (especially for Dreamforce, where you are saving $1899)
  • Meeting people and having conversations you wouldn’t otherwise

There are two different type of events: Salesforce-run and Community-run ones:

  • Salesforce events can vary from customer focused ones that may start as sessions at a Salesforce Tower or other smaller events, to Salesforce World Tour conferences or even Dreamforce. The process of speaking at these is much more strict than community-led events, especially for Dreamforce, but you get multiple dry runs and advice from Salesforce which can really help you in the delivery.
  • For the Community ones the tone, subject and reservedness level is completely different. As well as the cosiness and friendliness of these smaller events, the ability to network and get to know the attendees is more accessible. And personally I always find the content much more tangible and the actions you can take away and  implement as soon as you’re back at work are more forthcoming.

You can find here the list of these community events. I’m actually going to Hyderabad Trailblazing at the end of the month 🙂

I hope I have convinced you – or at least encouraged you a little closer – to submit some talks for Salesforce events. In fact, you have a great opportunity coming up and that is for Dreamforce as the Call for Speakers is opening soon for both Admin and Dev tracks!

And to get you started of course there is a Trailhead module on this. It does take some prep time but the outcome is well worth it. I hope to see you speaking at an event soon!

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