My #dreamOle18 Highlights

I can’t believe it’s already over! The second edition of dreamOlé came along 9 month after our first one, and funnily enough it took the whole 9 months for us organisers to ‘bring it to life’.

dreamOle for those that haven’t heard me talking about it (rare, very rare…) is one of the Salesforce Community-led events. What that means is that (crazy) people like myself that don’t work for Salesforce and may have too much free time on their hands (not!) throw themselves into organising an event alongside their full time jobs and everything else.

It’s super hard work but yet most importantly is super rewarding! So here it comes after the second birth of a dreamOle, my highlights!


We had such a great response to this year’s event, it really exceeded our expectations. We were looking at a capacity of 200 attendees, and achieved 247! Thankfully we had a big venue that we could expand in numbers as well as increasing the sessions, with 4 sessions running at all times.

A quick geographical split of our attendees:

  • 73% Iberian Peninsula
  • 22% Rest of Europe
  • 5% Americas

It is quite incredible to see the power of the community beyond frontiers. We are all in fact digital nomads and I’m ecstatic for the support we had from overseas.

It was really nice to finally meet in person so many great individuals which I knew digitally before thanks to the #TrailblazerCommunity.

One of the most memorable memories from our first dreamOlé is Cristina Ramon’s story. It started in June last year when she attended our event in Madrid. She came there to feed her brain with new ideas and with a clear goal: “how will I change my life? how will I move forward?” At this event, she found the synergies between partners, dreamOlé staff and the attendees very powerful – so much so, it inspired her to get more involved in this ecosystem and within only a few months she became co-leader of the Salesforce Madrid User Group, as well as achieving 4 certifications and putting her stamp on things. Cristina says: “I’ve never seen an ecosystem so powerful as Salesforce’s. Thank you Trailblazer Community.

Stories like this are what makes everything well worth it. This year we announced a new developer group in Malaga coming up and right after the event we had a new submission for a developer group in Oviedo. We had as well the pleasure to hear the announcement of a new Community-Led Event coming up in Benelux next year: yEUrDreamin.

I’m including here as Trailblazers, of course, our ‘love amplifiers‘ – the ones that could not attend this year but engaged with us through Twitter using the hashtag of the event, #dreamOle18, or in our LinkedIn group, or via any other way.


As you may know at dreamOlé we are a nonprofit organisation, a community of Salesfor’cy’ people that get together to share events, education and support in the Iberian Peninsula. Our mission is to increase awareness, teach skills, inspire others to build their careers around this wonderful ecosystem, and to have a positive social impact.

This year we supported a specific cause, in line with the global goals of the United Nations. We had Nadim Diaz coming all the way from Bolivia to tell us about the important job G4Tech is doing to increase equality and inclusion in our future technology generation so that it can be an accurate representation of our society. Please do reach out and get involved!


My hometown! I was so happy we could host it there, for many reasons. Which by the way if you are thinking to visit the city, check out this post (or simply ask Chris, he seems to know the city better than I do!).

As mentioned earlier being a nonprofit, with dreamOlé we have a great opportunity to bridge the gap between the huge unemployment rate and the jobs prediction from the Salesforce Economy, with the very capable professionals and upcoming workforce that we have in the peninsula.

Last year our first conference was hosted in Madrid and this year in Barcelona. Ideally, I personally would like to continue moving the city, year on year, helping to expand this awesome ecosystem across the territory. And not only that but supporting sustainability, growth, fair share of economy and opportunities.


I can not thank enough to everyone that has made this possible including a very special thanks to our sponsors, not only as enabler for it to happen but to bring so much enthusiasm, energy and creativity to the table. It has been a blast!

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