I’d like to thank the academy, my parents, and YOU!

Content warning: this blog contains self-congratulation (as well as genuine gratitude)

It’s been a busy week here at Salesforce Weekly Towers. You might have guessed that by the fact that this week’s blog is reaching you on a Friday. Both Mike and Ines have had crazy weeks with work, and as for my week, well let’s just say I’m typing this with my two-day-old son in my arms.

So this week rather got away from us, meaning a reasonably last-minute scramble to put a blog together in order to stay true to our name of Salesforce Weekly. What would we write about? Oh, the decisions! But then we received an exciting email (followed by a series of tweets) which made this week’s choice of topic obvious to us. Because that email gave us an opportunity to do something that we three love to do as often as we can – to thank you, dear reader.

What was it about the email that excited us? Well why not read it for yourself..?

Yes, that’s right, the team at Whatfix decided to honour us as one of the best Salesforce blogs of 2018. Woohoo!

And as well being a much-appreciated boost during this hectic week, the best part is that, as mentioned above, this gives us the chance to pass our thanks on to you for reading the blog.

Without you, there’d be no Salesforce Weekly. Thank you for your views, your comments, your tweets, for being the reason we write.

At the risk of being boastful, we wanted to share the brief write-up given by Whatfix, as the reason we’re so pleased with the award is that it focuses on two things which all three of us are deeply passionate about.

Can you spot the two things we love the most? Well, the first is the reason we write this blog: we want to help contribute to this wonderful, supportive, diverse community. And the second reason is a more practical one, regarding that line above about ‘different tones of narration’.  Ask Mike or Ines and you’ll learn that I’m especially keen that we write articles for this site in our own voice. This blog is a personal one for us, and we’re proud to write, manage, and truly own it between just the three of us.

Alright, that’s enough back-patting for one post/week/month/year/lifetime. I better stop there before I start feeling slightly less of a self-deprecating European. But let me wrap up the post with a final round of thank yous. Thank you to Whatfix for the recognition, and thank YOU for being the whole reason we take time out from work, life, and the real world to type these silly little words.



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