Bright Ideas: February 2018

I’ve got a great idea… A great idea about great ideas! Why don’t we kick off an occasional series in which we shine a light on the most interesting, the most under-appreciated, the most damn-well VOTE-WORTHY ideas floating round the Idea Exchange? Now there’s an idea…

Introducing… Salesforce Weekly Bright Ideas! And here’s a good one to kick off the new series…

Hey, what’s the big idea?
Our first bright idea is this one: Configurable default list view in Lightning Experience

Why should I care?
Picture the scene. You click on a tab in Lightning, and you see a seemingly random list of records. Or even worse, you don’t see any records. What the hell is going on?

Well, Lightning defaults to showing you the Recently Viewed list. (Not just Lightning, by the way. Click on a tab in Classic and you see the Recently View list too. But at least it’s obvious in that experience that you’re not on a real list view.)

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to configure which list view appears by default when a user clicks into a tab? Especially if that default could vary – say by profile, by app, even by user..?

Any workarounds in the meantime?
OK, let’s be upfront and admit that you can still get to any list view in a maximum of three clicks (tab -> list view dropdown -> select your list view). Two clicks, if it’s a list view you’ve looked at recently (tab dropdown -> select your list view).

So yes we have a workaround – just remember to click the arrow next to the tab name rather than the name itself. But, sorry, that just doesn’t feel natural. I want to see an opportunity; I’m going to click that ‘Opportunities’ word. I just am.

What’s the status of the idea? And why should I vote?
You might be thinking that this isn’t the first time you’ve heard about this problem. You’d probably be right. There has been talk of including this in an upcoming release. So the good news is that this idea is already listed as being under ‘Product Team Review’.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t vote for it. Remember, the more votes an idea has, the more it’s worth to those product managers who have all-important KPIs for the number of idea points they can ‘retire’ in each release. So let’s get those votes in, and try to ensure that the next release is the one which sees this idea being retired.

Click here, right now, and VOTE LIKE YOUR ORG DEPENDS ON IT!

And who’s the brains behind this bright idea?
We have Derek Hans to thank for this one. Why not visit Derek’s profile, thank him for the bright idea, and ask why on earth he doesn’t Chatter more when he’s full of gems like this? 🙂

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