Release In Action: Spring ’18 [Video]

We wave goodbye to another successful set of Release Readiness Webinars with the Trailblazer Community team. This time we added a couple of new twists – the first twist opens the door to our new Salesforce Weekly writer, as the wonderful Ines steps into Chris’s shoes for the first time, adding her unique touch and leaving us with plenty of actions. The second twist came in the shape of a new format inspired by the wonderful Elna and Jess from their Dreamforce session, so the format of webinar was been reworked making it easier to digest and, most importantly, be release ready.

Last twist then, I’m stepping into Mr Edwards’ shoes for our regular video post on the up and coming Spring ’18 release – so here I am taking us through some of our favourite features in the Spring ’18 release.

Sit back and we hope you enjoy it.

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