Awesome Admin to Application Architect …And Beyond! [Video]

For this week’s post, I wanted to share a recording of a talk I’ve delivered at a few Salesforce events in 2017. The talk is all about the Salesforce Architect Journey, with a particular focus on why I believe that the architect track is a truly valid one for us administrators to consider.

Wondering whether it’s worth you investing 24 minutes of your time to watch this talk? Read the session abstract and see if it’s right for you:

Got your admin cert and wondering what’s next? Don’t be put off by the word Architect! We’ll be discussing the new Salesforce Architect Journey and why it’s relevant to administrators. You’ll learn how to use your admin skills to obtain the Application Architect credential, and we’ll even set our sights on the very pinnacle of Salesforce achievements – the Technical Architect certification.

Ok, before I get on with it and share the video with you, one quick administrative note…

In the intro, I mention that one of the reasons I recorded a version of the talk was that I had presented it at French Touch Dreamin and the London Admin User Group, and that members of those communities who couldn’t make it to the event in person had asked me to consider sharing a recording. That’s true, but I made one big error… I left out the wonderful Amsterdam User Group, where I was also lucky enough to be invited to present this talk. Sorry, Amsterdam!

So, a huge THANK YOU to members of all three communities. As I said in the recording, this video is for – and is inspired by – those people. Thanks a lot!

Alright, on with the show. Here is our presentation on “Awesome Admin to Application Architect …And Beyond!”:

Thanks for watching! I hope the video was informative about what the Salesforce Architect Journey is, but most of all I hope it inspired even one admin or functional person like me to go for it and try to climb that mountain. Because you can do it.

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