Why is Salesforce Awesome?

It made sense for me to have my first official post as a SalesforceWeek.ly teamy about why I have chosen Salesforce as my career.

Well, it all started once upon a time… I was helping a company on an interim placement with their CRM roadmap, we had a great (and relatively newly appointed) CEO that had the experience on how powerful the Salesforce platform could be for an organization.

Coming from more of a business transformation background, I enjoy trying to figure out how things work and how can things be optimised for continuous improvement.

So relatively quickly I found myself ‘playing’ with the Salesforce Fundamentals Workbook (I’m a pre-Trailhead oldy) in my free time, and it was so enlightening! Me, myself and I soon enough could build stuff by what seemed like magic, and not only did it work, but it actually improved efficiency.

But there is more, let me dig into Why Salesforce Is So Awesome:

Business model is built around customer success and enables you to scale up.
They used a subscription based model when there weren’t many going around, their focus is success of the customers so that their business is sustainable.

Provides multiple layers of security.
Real-time system performance transparency.
These two sort of go together as Salesforce’s key value is Trust. Why? Well in a time when organizations were building their own servers Salesforce created disruption in the market by pioneering the era of Cloud Computing which meant that data was hosted by them rather than by customers, so having top security and transparency was – and continues to be – a key differentiator.

You get to focus on running your business rather than infrastructure and services while getting their constant improvements and innovation (like access with any device), doesn’t matter what’s your business size or your vertical.

Metadata driven.
That means that it is 5 times faster than building on-premise, on top of that having seamless upgrades and ready APIs, plus all your customizations don’t break. This includes your report and dashboards, something pretty laborious to do with real time data back in the old days. Oh! And let’s not forget thanks to this concept of being metadata-driven we get the AppExchange, where you have pre-built solutions to plug in into your salesforce instance ready ‘off-the-shelf’.

Embracing being Agile.
Being an Agile Coach I must mention this: In 2006 Salesforce made the switch from a waterfall approach to agile in order to improve productivity within a growing global engineering team. With that switch Salesforce increased productivity by 38% and major releases were completed 60% faster! I am not surprised that Salesforce has been named by Forbes as the “Most Innovative Company” for four years in a row.

Last but not least…

The Community is the Salesforce Advantage that no other software vendor can compete with

As an organization they really lead by example from their 1-1-1 philanthropic model, Trailblazer Community to engage with fellow customers, Answers Community where users help each other, IdeaExchange so you can tell and vote on what new improvements you would like to have, supporting and promoting #EqualityForAll… the list is endless.

It is pretty contagious, I’m currently an active collaborator leading Salesforce user groups, listed on the Answers Community leaderboard, running ad-hoc mentorships as well via The Mentorship Central, bringing the first Salesforce dreamin’ event to Spain as non-profit association, and very recently named Salesforce MVP!

Want some advice? Get involved in this ecosystem! It’s incredibly rewarding!

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