Introducing the NEW Salesforce Weekly …and Ines Garcia!

Well, hello there, you! And welcome, welcome, WELCOME, to the new and improved Salesforce Weekly!

We are delighted to be able to relaunch this site with two massive improvements. Firstly, you’ll notice we’ve redecorated the place. We hope you like the new look.

But, most importantly, our writing team has grown to three, with the enormously exciting addition of the amazing Ines Garcia! Bienvenidos, Ines!

Ines is a superstar of the Salesforce community, from her tireless work on Answers and #askforce, all the way to the big part she played in launching the DreamOlĂ© community event in Spain this year. She’s also a new Salesforce MVP and is someone that Mike and I have been working with a lot recently, so we’re thrilled to have her join the Salesforce Weekly team.

This relaunch is a change we’ve been working on for a long time now (we hinted at it all the way back in our April Fools blog), and it’s a big moment for us to finally get this over the line.

The three of us would like to thank you for being a Salesforce Weekly reader, and together we look forward to using this relaunch to give you more frequent and more varied content. As ever, we invite your comments – let us know what you like and what we can do more (or less) of in our posts. (And you should find the comments actually work now on the new site, hooray!)

Alright, that’s it from us for now, while Dreamforce takes over. But before that, Ines will be along shortly with her first blog post, letting you all know a little about her and her thoughts on the crazy world we call Salesforce. Until then, hasta pronto, amigos!

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