Release In Action: Summer ’17 [Video]

Yes, it’s that time again – another exciting Salesforce release is right around the corner! But for Summer ’17, we wanted to do something a little different. You’ve seen the release notes. You’ve read the many, many excellent blogs out there. So instead, we wanted to prepare you for the release by actually showing it to you live in action.

So we’re excited to present to you the first in what we hope will become a popular new way of sharing our release thoughts with you – a video showcasing a few of our favourite Summer ’17 features.

Step right up and come this way to learn how this release will enable your users to work at Lightning speed (pun most definitely intended) using just a few of Summer’s new features such as the Lightning Console, keyboard shortcuts and Flow in the Utility Bar…

We hope you enjoy video and that you like the new format. Feel free to let us know by commenting on the YouTube video – we’d love to do more of these so please do tell us what you think!

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