DreamOlé: Salesforce Fun in the Spanish Sun!

As much as I would dearly love to believe that it’s lying to me, it appears undeniable that my calendar is telling me it’s been nearly two months since the London’s Calling community event.

And that means two things. It means it’s been almost two months since one of the best-organised and most enjoyable Salesforce events there ever was (and, yes, I’m including Dreamforce in that). But it also means that your Salesforce Weekly authors have had almost two months of opportunity to write up the event into a blog post, and we haven’t. It was a fantastic event full of unmissable content, and we’ve let you down by not sharing our thoughts on it.

But… We can make it up to you!  So by way of recompense, we bring you exciting news of yet another community-powered Salesforce event!

And, as seems fitting on the very day that the UK pulls the trigger to shoot itself squarely in the foot with a Brexit-shaped bullet, it’s only right that we show solidarity with our European brothers and sisters – for this event will be taking place in the beautiful city of Madrid!

So, what can we tell you about the event? Well, the organising team (the unstoppable superstars that are Ines Garcia, Carolina Ruiz, Agustina Garcia, Laura Diaz, Alba Azcona, Julio Fernandez, Roger Borges, Carlos Campillo and Yasmina Moslehi) resisted the temptation to call the event Madreamin’* and have instead gone for a name which represents the wider Spanish vibe – DreamOlé! 


The event will take place on the 1st of June this year at Open Talk, and you can find out more at http://dreamole.es/.

But before you visit the website to learn more, we here at Salesforce Weekly wanted to share three important messages with you about the event. So listen up – here’s what you should consider..!


If you possibly can… YOU SHOULD GO!

We’re starting with an obvious one, but seriously we can’t sing the praises of these community-led events anywhere near enough. They are for the community by the community, which means that you get to hear unbiased, educational and entertaining talks from your peers – from real people – without the marketing spin you tend to get at official events like Dreamforce and the World Tours.

The community events are a much more manageable size than those kind of affairs too – enough people that you’re guaranteed to meet new faces and expand your network, but small enough that it keeps that relaxed atmosphere.

They’re also a huge amount of fun, and I imagine that aspect will only be significantly enhanced by taking place in the Spanish sun. So stay tuned – registrations are opening up soon!


If you possibly can… YOU SHOULD SPONSOR!

These kind of events simply cannot take place without the support of their sponsors. And what I like about the sponsorship at the community events is that it’s not always the same old predictable ISVs – there is a real mix of exhibitors, and I hear there is still the opportunity for your organisation to be one of them! Check out http://dreamole.es/sponsors/ for more info.


If you possibly can… YOU SHOULD SPEAK!

Anyone who is lonely and desperate enough to spend any amount of time around me will know that one of the things I’m especially passionate about in the Salesforce world is giving back. The community has taught me so much over the years (and continues to do so) and that’s one of the reasons I love to pay things forward and pass on knowledge and learning wherever I can. And I believe we should all do the same – after all, the community only continues to thrive if we keep topping it up with new information, new topics, and new speakers.

So why not use this opportunity to put your name forward to be one of those speakers? And – don’t worry – I know that’s a scary thought for many. I would only say that you will surprise yourself by how much you know and how much value you can give others by sharing your experiences and your opinions. And these community events are a great place to get started on your speaking journey – they offer more informal environments than the official events, with a relaxed and friendly crowd that are totally on your side. So, go on – give it a go!


Alright, that’s it – the nagging is over. I’ll go back to this grey rainy day, and you go back to whatever it was you were doing before I distracted you – but please do so with sunny Madrid in mind! I know I will.

And I hope to see you there. I’m really looking forward to attending this event – assuming our European friends are still letting us Brits in by that point.


*That said, here’s an exclusive look at an early logo they were toying with!

 Mad Dream

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