Spring ’17: Rapid Reaction

For many of us, this period in December is the point at which we start winding down in readiness for the holiday season. But not so for the always-on team at Salesforce – because for them it’s already beginning to look a lot like Spring ’17. The upcoming release’s preview notes dropped onto the web yesterday, meaning that we here at Salesforce Weekly now have a different kind of readiness on our minds: Release Readiness!

As ever, we will be providing you with a fuller summary of our top features from the release a little closer to ‘go live’. Expect to see this post come out to coincide with two Release Readiness upcoming webinars we’re planning for January – one for the US and, for the first time, an EMEA-friendly slot too! Register now to join us!

But in the meantime, here is an off-the-cuff Rapid Reaction post listing some of the most interesting-looking features from the release notes. Enjoy!


Lightning Experience

Feel Confident About Your Lightning Experience Readiness

Create Shortcuts to Your Top Salesforce Pages with Favorites

Introducing Lightning Console Apps

See the Kanban View Everywhere

Save Time by Editing Inline in List Views (Generally Available)

Visualforce: Enhanced for Lightning Experience


Lightning App Builder

Assign Record Pages by App, Record Type, and Profile

Add the Related List Component to Your Lightning Pages

Customize How Related Lists Display on Lightning Pages

Power Up Your Lightning Pages with the Flow Component (Beta)


Lightning Reports

Subscribe to Reports in Lightning Experience

Filter Reports via URL Parameters in Lightning Experience



Create Custom Feeds with Chatter Streams

Customizable Chatter Groups Now Generally Available



Run Flows with a Lightning Skin (Generally Available)

Now You See Me, Now You Don’t: Dynamically Update Flow Screen Fields (Pilot)

Display Flow Screens in Two Columns (Generally Available)

More Context for Flow Errors

Enforce Field-Level Security for All Flow Operations



Sales Cloud Einstein: A Smarter Sales Process at Every Step Powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI)



Wave: Bring Your Data into Wave



Focus Your Community with Audience Targeting for Pages and Groups



Web-to-Lead: reCAPTCHA Web Form Validation


Other Products

The Field Service Lightning iOS Mobile App (Generally Available)

Visualize Financial Relationships

Manage Patient Risk with Wave for Health Cloud: Risk Stratification

Seamlessly Convert Leads into Patients


Other Stuff to be Aware Of

“Trust Percent Values in Flow sObject Variables Again” Critical Update Activates in Spring ’17

Eliminating JavaScript from Functions Increases Security

Turn Off Masking for Encrypted Data


We hope that’s enough to keep you going until we kick into full Release Readiness mode with our deep-dive blog and webinars in January, and that this digest saves you a little time when digging through those ever-expanding release notes. Until the new year, enjoy looking forward to Spring and have a wonderful holiday season!

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