The Awesome Admin Ten Commandments

Throughout our series of blogs on the Awesome Admin Ten Commandments, we have shared the rules that we think all Salesforce admins should know and (for the most part) follow. We had a lot of fun putting this list together, and even more fun sharing it with the community – not only through the blog posts themselves but through presenting the commandments at events such as London’s Calling. We hope you enjoyed reading along with us and that you maybe even learned something that will help you become even an more awesome admin!

Here, for your convenience, we present to you links to the ten commandments. Read, consider, share, and debate them – these commandments belong to the community and we’d love to hear your thoughts on them.

  1. An Awesome Admin should always… complete the description and help text fields!
  2. An Awesome Admin should always… use the sandbox for making changes (with a few exceptions!)
  3. An Awesome Admin should always… backup their org’s data. Because Salesforce is (in some ways) no different to any other system you own!
  4. An Awesome Admin should always… know the value of clicks AND code!
  5. An Awesome Admin should always… be ready for the next release!
  6. An Awesome Admin should always… blaze their own learning trail!
  7. An Awesome Admin should always… position themselves between IT and the business 
  8. An Awesome Admin should always… care about the community!
  9. An Awesome Admin should always… protect their org… for more reasons than you think!
  10. An Awesome Admin should sometimes… break the rules!

Awesome Admin Ten Commandments - Cropped

And as a bonus treat* for making it below the fold on this post, here is the video from our presentation at London’s Calling, where we revealed the ten commandments for the first time.

Thanks for reading, admins. Now go out there and be awesome!

*May or may not be a treat depending on your opinions on nervous, mumbling English guys.

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