Hands on Video: Closed Loop Marketing with Flow Part 1

Welcome to another Salesforce Weekly hands on tutorial. This time we’re using flow to help us improve our Closed Loop Marketing activities.

Background: Lead Management is a simple journey which starts with the creation of the Lead record. Various Marketing Activities are performed to warmed the Lead up. Once the Lead is Qualified the Lead is converted into an Account and Contact along with an Opportunity. This Opportunity helps us to track the Lead all the way through to Closed Won.

In Marketing speak this process from start to finish is known as Closing the Loop or Closed Loop Marketing; as Sales can now report back to marketing on what happen to the Lead.

Use Case: How do you take an previously converted Lead, now a Contact, back through the Lead Management process?

Solution: Create a Flow which pops a simple screen from a button on the Contact page layout, prompts the User to select from a list of Active Marketing Campaigns, then create the Lead record also creating the Campaign Member record for the Campaign selected.

In this Hands On video we will recap on the basics of flow design as well as introducing the following Advanced Techniques:

1. Dynamic List Choices
2. Redirecting the User to the Record created in the Flow
3. Access Related fields using Fast Lookups

Sit back and enjoy the hands on tutorial.

Visualforce Page for Launch Flow from Button

https://gist.github.com/agentgill/06d0c66234de3aa0217d.jsApex Class – Controller Extensionhttps://gist.github.com/agentgill/7e001f37873f8e7c14b3.js

We will post test class shortly.

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