Winter is coming

Warning – blog contains safe harbour features, subject to change without notice! ​Time to turn the heat up again with an army of new features in the shape of Winter ‘15 – gather round, let’s see what is in store. ​Let’s start with the Beta stuff: Dupeblocker, sorry I mean “Duplicate Alert and Blocking” arrives Read more about Winter is coming[…]

Driving Data Access: Profiles vs Roles

One of the first things that someone new to administering Salesforce will need to learn is how to manage data access by using and controlling profiles and roles. Unfortunately it can also often be one of the steepest learning curves, and if you’re anything like me you’ll be up and running on things like custom fields, Read more about Driving Data Access: Profiles vs Roles[…]

Salesforce Instant Gratification

Apple unveiled a new killer developer tool at this year’s WWDC in the shape of Playground. Playground is a tool designed to accompany their new sparkly program language SWIFT to help developers get to grips with new concepts quickly without the overhead of C. Stop, that’s enough about Apple, I thought this was a Salesforce blog! Enter Read more about Salesforce Instant Gratification[…]

How To: Improve Your Lead Conversion Data Validation

It can sometimes be tough to get the balance of data validation just right on the lead object in Salesforce. By its very nature it’s a temporary, transient object designed for pre-qualifying a contact, organisation or enquiry, and many of them never go anywhere – so you don’t want to be too heavy-handed with validation rules. Read more about How To: Improve Your Lead Conversion Data Validation[…]

How To: Convert Leads with Pending Workflow Actions

Does the above error look familiar? If not, I envy you! For those of us who have set up an awesome time-based workflow on the lead object, only to find out later that leads with pending workflow actions cannot be converted, it can be very frustrating. Here’s just one recent example from the Answers community: Sure, an admin Read more about How To: Convert Leads with Pending Workflow Actions[…]

How To: Extend Cross-Object Workflow Rules

If you’ve ever wanted to fire a workflow on an object based on a trigger condition in a separate related object, you’ll know it’s not always possible. If the objects are in a master-detail relationship and you need to update the parent object, no problem, a workflow can handle this. But what about updating the Read more about How To: Extend Cross-Object Workflow Rules[…]