The Last of the Summer ’14


Nearly all Orgs should be running Summer ’14 by now. A pleasant contrast after the delays which impacted the Spring ’14 release schedule. This year’s Summer release, and the last release to denote ’14, has been smooth in contrast and largely on track.

​So what did Summer ’14 bring us?

Larger files for one; in keeping pace with the planet’s demand for hoarding more data, larger files can now be uploaded into your org. The limits for attachments stored against objects is increased to 25MB and file size for Inbound Email attachments has also been upped which should make those Service Cloud people happy.


​The amnesty on data storage for Orders is over, be it a little strange that it wasn’t counted from the the offset. You can still add Order Products til the cows come home without using valuable data storage.

​If you were wondering what was happening to, at least the documentation for it – this has been rolled into the main documentation. I still have not met anyone who is using

​We can celebrate on some level a minor enhancement to Person Objects in the form of Middle Name and Suffix to make Person Accounts more distinguishable.

​In the Salesforce1 Mobile world – Salesforce have been busy, some of the noticeable highlights are: removing of the dependency between Chatter and publisher actions. Not everyone is using Chatter – hard to believe for some of us. The Today mobile dashboard gets most of the attention, an area which was limited previously; for example Events are easily viewable and the ability to create various records such as contacts from the Today Dashboard is going to prove valuable to those on the move.  Then, “Surprise Surprise”, Mobile Analytics are starting to surface, actually drill-down I should say.

All of these Salesforce1 improvements are pushing us towards making the utopia of  “Run your business from your phone” a real reality.

All good things must come to an end, so we lay rest another awesome “Summer Release” before we start to look forward to Winter 15′ and the festive joys that will bring!

As always, we’d love to get your feedback and comments– which other features stood out for you? Are you using

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