Hacking with the Force.com – November 2013

Every couple of months, the Salesforce DUG runs mini hack events during the week. Yes, any old excuse for pizza, beers and some coding. Having missed the last one due to the arrival of my new son Ace, this was top of my priority list and also another excuse to nose around Cloud Sherpas’ new swanky London offices! Love them!

Twenty-two people had registered, and actual attendance looked close to that! We split into teams of 4-5 with at least one proper programmer per group!

Quickly round the room, we compiled the following list of challenges which we all vote on

1. Custom Chatter filters

2. Chatter scrabble

3. Visualisation account hierarchy

4. Lead visual hopper

5. Opportunity movements

The general consensus we agree on was “Lead Visual Hopper”. I was secretly hoping that Chatter Scrabble would win after chatting through the concept on the tube journey over with my fellow Sherpas.

The Lead visual hopper challenge required the creation of a VisualForce page which provides the ability to “Drag ‘N’ Drop” leads onto sales reps and assign the lead to rep.

Each team got cracking on building a solution

Ninety minutes later we all gathered back round to show off what we had built. Don’t forget it’s more about the taking part, than the actual end result.  At the bottom end of the scale one team were able to move leads around the page using a jquery library (no guesses who was in this team, I wasn’t alone…)

At the other end of the scale (the team which suggested the challenge, thanks Adrian) managed to take this further (into something usable)

Thank you to Adrian for kindly sharing the solution and code on GitHub – Fork it here!

Until next time and in the words of Anup “Stay Calm and keep hacking”

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